Secure & Certified Onsite Document Shredding

shredding.jpgUniversity Moving & Storage’s shredding division handles everything from small personal shredding services to large corporate document destruction services. We provide certified on-site shredding services and confidentially destroy all personal / business information under your supervision with our mobile shredding trucks. We even provide a certificate of destruction upon completion. Our services include: 

  • Scheduled shredding
  • Annual purge shredding
  • Off-site document destruction
  • Commercial non-paper shredding
  • Medical record shredding
  • Legal document destruction
  • Financial paper shredding

Always on Time, Always Quick, & Always Secure.

We have three types of shredding services:

1. Mobile Certified Onsite Shredding
This on-site secure shredding service is provided for all businesses and individuals. Our mobile shredding trucks will come to your location whether you need the shredding to be done at one or multiple addresses. A certificate of destruction is given to clients after each service visit. It reflects the date and the amount of shredding done, and also serves as proof that the sensitive information was destroyed beyond reconstruction and disposed of securely in an environmentally green manner. All the recyclable paper shreds are then taken to a recycling center to be turned into new material.

2. Scheduled Certified Onsite Paper Shredding 
Need a mobile shredding truck onsite for a quarterly, monthly or weekly pickup? Our scheduled onsite service is designed for clients who regularly generate sensitive documents that need to be destroyed securely. For the client’s convenience and security we provide a variety of sizes and types of free lockable bins to fit your specific needs. Once the bins are placed at the client’s facility(s), a regular schedule is determined of how often the bins need to be emptied. Shredding service visit frequencies are normally set by weeks such as every 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. A mobile shredding truck will then visit the client’s site on the pre-scheduled dates to service the bins and completely destroy their content by a cross cut shredding system that can be witnessed by the client.

3. Secure Off-site Document Destruction 
While our core business is mobile/on-site document destruction, we will provide secure off-site shredding services at no extra charge when a client requests it. We will come to your location to collect the material you designated for destruction and safely load it onto our secure transporting vehicle. The material is then transported directly to our secure shredding facility and is destroyed immediately upon arrival at our facility.

Since 1988, when the Supreme Court ruled that trash is public domain, simply tearing up and throwing away important documentation is not enough. Executive memos, pricing, product designs, personnel data, credit reports, canceled checks, financial statements, medical and client records are but a few of the sensitive types of documentation that should be securely shredded. All businesses suffer potential exposure due to the need to discard sensitive information and business records. The only means of minimizing this exposure is to make sure this information is safely collected and destroyed by a Secure Document Shredding service.

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