We put our trained men, specialized equipment and more than 85 years of experience to make your office an unmoving experience for you. No waiting. No wondering. It’s planned, programmed and professional all the way.

1. Start with our people… 
They are the key to your office move by University Moving & Storage. Our personnel are trained, experienced, and overall high quality professionals. In fact they are AMSA Certified Office and Industrial Consultants (COIC). Many of them work in specialized teams and handle your move with the kind of efficiency that comes from working together on many jobs where the same skills and techniques are needed. We firmly believe our employees are the best moving people in the business. You’ll find pride-in-workmanship is alive and well at University Moving & Storage.

2. Know-how and planning… 
We take care of all the things you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way. One of our move coordinators will walk your current office and destination to create the best moving plan for you. That way we start with a professionally prepared plan. This pre-planning saves time – and in the end that means money.

3. Special equipment plus trained movers… 
The tools go all the way from simple hand equipment and heavy duty dollies to grip hoists, sage jacks, stair climbers, conveyors. We have access to forklifts and sky cranes as well. We will always acquire whatever it takes to move your business expertly and economically. We’ve also got just about every type of truck possible to move your company’s equipment to the new destination quickly and safely. Put us to work – we always welcome a challenge!

North Georgia Commercial Movers

To be the best commercial mover in North Georgia you have offer a diverse set of services. The days of just moving your desks are over and University Moving & Storage is definitely on pace with the 21st century. Please examine the following list and select the commercial moving service most appropriate to your needs:

Office Moving and Industrial Moving
We have 40 years of experience in the office and industrial relocation industry. Nobody in South Florida can move your company the way we can.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment 
Our teams have successfully moved thousands of rooms for local hotels and resorts so we certainly know what it takes to handle your FF&E request.

Systems Furniture Installation
Our 24 hour intrusion, smoke, and fire alarms will ensure your official documents are always safe and secure. Custom storage plans are available.

Document Shredding Services 
We have the capability to handle everything from corporate document destruction services to small personal shredding. Onsite, scheduled, professional.

Bekins Reusable Green Crates
Fast to load, fast to unpack, less expensive – the list of benefits for using creates goes on and on. Click the link to learn more about our Bekins Green Crates.

When we say we are the best moving and storage company in South Florida we aren’t just talking-the-talk. We have dozens of bonafide references right here.

Commercial Storage
In addition to our full-service pickup and delivery services, our state-of-the-art security system and climate controlled environment let you know we mean business when it comes to being the best.

Are you ready for a free commercial moving quote? Call us at (800) 443-5814 or fill out our simple online form and a University Moving & Storage representative will assist you immediately. We look forward to hearing from you – contact us now!