Ensuring No One Knows Your Business

University Moving & Storage was designed with scalability, reliability, flexibility, and security as the corner stones of its framework. Building on this foundation, University Moving & Storage has capitalized on its record storage technology to offer: storage and retrieval of business and medical files, as well, as moving services.

How Does Record Storage Benefit You?

Company Productivity
Newly found space that can be used more productively. Easily accessible files, and no time lost on the job. Files are accessed simply by requesting delivery.

A record storage facility can provide the security that is required to protect the confidentiality of your records.

Northeast Georgia’s Standard of Quality for Record Storage

University Moving & Storage is a full service records management company providing secure storage and indexing of records, media, and other business critical information. We give your business unprecedented security and quick-response service. Our company has been providing quality service in Northeast Georgia for 35 years, to a diverse customer base including:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Law Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Colleges
  • Manufacturers
  • Business Files

As a company driven by customer needs, we strive to provide the best service with unsurpassed quality and above all, customer satisfaction.

University Moving & Storage is a professional records management company specializing in off-site storage and management of inactive business records and data tapes. We strive to provide the best service with unsurpassed quality.

Records Management

Your files are easily accessible to you at any time, and further more they are in a high-security environment. Let us outline in detail what we can offer you. When you work with our company our first obligation is to you. We look forward to providing you with:

  • Quality Service
  • Cost Effective Programs
  • Convenient Location
  • Highly Trained Professional Staff
  • Minimal Waiting Time
  • Prompt Retrievals
  • On-site Delivery
  • Free Estimates
  • Self Generated Invoices
  • Chain of Custody Verification
  • On-site & Off-site Destruction
  • On-site Viewing Area
  • Comprehensive Security System
  • Coded Accounts
  • Locally Owned and Operated

Emergency Requests

University Moving & Storage is available for emergency requests. We place high priorities on the needs of our customers.

Most companies can not answer this question, until it is too late. Don’t transfer the risk by taking those back-ups home with you at night. Keep them safe with University Moving & Storage. We provide the ultimate in protection from the environment in our climate controlled data back up facility. Our facility is designed for the careful handling and storage of your data. Placing your active back-ups and long term archives with University Moving & Storage ensures rapid recovery. Be prepared if your business is interrupted by a power outage or computer glitch. Knowing your most valuable asset is safe will give you peace of mind.

What Can You Expect From University Moving & Storage …
Storage of Back Up Tapes … Is Your Data Secure?
University Moving & Storage IS:

A Professional Service

Delivering high quality record storage which is cost effective. We are a commercial records management company specializing in the storage and retrieval of inactive business and medical files.

Full Service

University Moving & Storage is a full service records management company offering computer programs especially designed for records inventory control. We tailor a program to fit your needs.

University Moving & Storage’s services are for the distinctive requirements of individuals and companies with growing storage needs. Our philosophy is based on the fundamental principle that storage is a utility, not a product, therefore one solution IS NOT FOR ALL.


We provide a safe and secure place to store your files. University Moving & Storage is very much concerned about protecting the confidentiality of your records. We go to great lengths to do so by issuing coded accounts and controlled access.

It is our system that makes the difference; that allows you to have the information you need, when you need it. We can have your data to your office within an hour so you can be back online fast.

We will deliver the desired container to your location, or you may use our viewing area to view your files.

We are affiliated with several organizations: Georgia Movers Association, American Movers Association and surrounding chambers of commerce.

Rhonda Savage will be the primary contact for your record storage. She has 8 years experience in the records management industry. Other responsible contacts will be Ronnie Roberts, Jason Roberts, Lori Ellis and Phillip Ellis. Our employees are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. All of their prior job history as well as criminal history are researched. There are no outside individuals with access to the record storage area.

Our normal hours for operation are Monday through Friday 7:30-5:00.

We operate as a complete records management company, as well as a moving & storage company. We separate the operations of our business by having the record storage in a separate part of the facility. The equipment that is used during record storage is only used for that purpose. The employees that handle these records are limited and controlled. We have temperature controlled ventilation systems that keeps the air circulating. Fire protection is supplied by a monitored dry sprinkler system connected to the local fire department. We are inspected quarterly for fire protection and meet state standards. Our fire and security systems have a back up power supply.

University Moving & Storage Record Storage & Document Destruction

University Moving & Storage is owned and locally operated by Phillip Ellis. We are licensed and permitted in Georgia. Through contracts and agreements we will be able to offer service anywhere in the world .

University Moving and Storage has been in the moving and storage business for over 35 years and the record storage business for the past fifteen years.

University Moving and Storage will be your complete records management facility.

If you should have any questions or would like further information please contact our office.
Secure Off Site or On Site Record Destruction

Whether you are a current record storage customer or simply need a destruction service, University Moving & Storage is here to help you every step of the way.

If your company and/or customer’s information were to fall into the wrong hands, the results could be anything from embarrassment to catastrophic loss of revenue.

In fact, under state and federal regulations, if your personnel or customer files or other types of records are disclosed to outside parties — even by accident  it could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Simply throwing things away cannot possibly provide the security you need.

Wastebaskets and trash bins are easy to search, and crumpled papers are easy to read.

We will pick up and securely transport your records to our facility, accurately weigh and then destroy the material.

We provide a service that is unique and cost effective.

Let US protect YOU. Special points of interest:

  • Mobile On Site Destruction
  • Confidential Off-Site Destruction
  • Off-Site Data Protection
  • Harnessing the Power of Record Storage
  • Locally Owned and Operated

The privacy of your information is vital.

When you move your office, the revolutionary E-Crates System helps increase productivity by reducing employee down time in packing. It eliminates heavy lifting, increases both safety and security. An empty E-Crate is placed directly on a dolly, packed (hanging files slide on the rails), then sealed with a security tie. Then a second E-Crate is stacked on top of the first and the packing continues. Employees lift only empty E-Crates. When you have stacked four to five E-Crate you can then simply roll them to the desired location, or to an unused area to await your move.