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    College moving made easy, call University Movers to schedule your hassle-free move-in!

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Move in day is fast approaching. You have many tasks to complete in a relatively short period of time. Let us help you take one of those tasks off your mind. University Moving & Storage provides a service to make the actual moving process a little easier. Our move-in service takes your student’s possessions from your house and places them in their dorm room on the campus. You don’t have to rent a van or borrow a truck. You won’t have to fight the crowds or wait in line to use the elevator either.

Spend your time unpacking and helping your student get settled in instead of carrying heavy boxes up several flights of stairs in 90-degree heat. Your student will be a first day freshman only once. Enjoy the day.

Here’s how our service works. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. University Moving & Storage will drop off a large 27″ x 36″ x 29″ shipping container, the size of an industrial laundry gurney to your house. You can then load the gurney at your leisure with anything you want to be moved such as books, computer, TV, stereo, or clothes. University Moving & Storage will then pickup the gurney from your home a few days before move-in day and have everything delivered right to your room. For a few dollars more we can give you another shipping container or move items that won’t fit in the container such as rugs, bikes, etc.

University Moving and Storage has been servicing the public with professional moving services since 1964. Rest assured that by choosing University Moving and Storage, your student’s possessions will be handled with care.

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